Channel Manager


RoomsTech Hotel Channel Manager automates, sync real-time, control and distribute your Hotel Rates and Inventory instantly on multiple OTA's without manual login in to each channel. It is easy to use, powerful and affordable with dynamic inventory management, advanced room rate planning, avoid double bookings and overselling


Easy to Use & Intuitive

User friendly interface makes it easy for you easily manage and update inventory and room rates

Fast & Secure Platform

Transactions are updated in seconds. Data Transfer are encrypted with Highest Industry standard SSL technology and Tokenized

Real-time Inventory Management

Easily manage all your inventory and room rates across all channels real-time

Advance Rate Planner

Plan in advance for seasonal rates and inventory

Analytics & Reports

Advanced dashboard provides complete report of your booking calendar and gives futuristic analysis

Avoid Double Bookings and Overselling

Real-time instant 2 Way data sync from all channels and booking engine

We help you Automate, Sync real-time and Distribute your Hotel Rates and Inventory